Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What ever happened to THQ Wireless

I find that I keep asking myself this every time I hear or see their name. Out of the blocks early in to mobile gaming THQ Wireless were in a commanding position and could have easily been up there fighting for the number one slot with EA Mobile.

Then I purchased 3D Marble Madness for a N70 from the Vodafone Live deck last week and found myself wishing I hadn’t of bothered in the first minute. Slow, clunky and downright unplayable, it destroyed my very fond memories of playing this is great game in the Arcades of old.

THQ Wireless if I remember rightly reported a less than 20% increase in T/O on respective Q1 05 & 06 Qtrs while other leading mobile gaming companies were doubling their numbers.

Next, I download 3D Worms from THQ – 3D :-O

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